Our mission

By applying the widely renowned Thai hospitality and our rich heritage across our business disciplines and service offerings, Orient Thai Airlines (Orient Thai) upholds the mission of operating an airline business based on the “Do it by heart” philosophy. It, thus, brings us pride and honour to do the best of our capabilities in creating satisfaction for customers and bringing smiles to their faces – even on seemingly trivial matters.

In line with our mission, our operations focus on four guiding principles:

•   Reasonable and affordable airfares
•   Friendly and flexible services
•   Customer-oriented approach
•   Ethical and fair business practices

Commitment to Customers

Reasonable fares:
The airline pledges to offer fair and affordable fares to customers and the market under a simple fare structure that is consistent with clear and easy-to-understand terms and conditions.

Sincere Giving:
‘Orient Thai’ is dedicated to deliver only the best to our passengers. Believing that little things can make a big difference, we therefore pay attention to even the smallest of details. Free on-board snacks and beverages plus warm and attentive services are a gesture of hospitality that contributes to our efforts of satisfying passengers and making them our regular customers.

Continuous Improvement :
Being the market leader in terms of the highest number of Domestic passengers transported, ‘Orient Thai’ endeavors not only to maintain our high service standards and quality, but also to continuously add value to our existing services.

Commitment to Safety

          At Orient Thai, we strive to provide the safest and most efficient services to our customers, as well as aim to achieve optimum standards of safety, punctuality, courtesy and comfort. We strongly believe that:

•  Safety is a fundamental core to our business and employee’s practices.
•  Standard and quality of safety performance is our competitive advantage that will keep us on the forefront of the airline industry.
•  Conformity to safety standards is an integral part of all our flight and ground activities.
•  Each employee is responsible and accountable for the standard and quality of safety performance.
•  Safety of our customers, employees, and suppliers is our top priority.