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I Ticket Terms and Benefits


i Ticket terms and benefits

1. i Ticket is purposely created for the member?s benefit. Once passenger has enrolled with i Ticket, please present the card for every ticket purchased and enjoy accumulated points.
2. The accumulated points can be redeemed for the cash discount when purchasing our domestic flight ticket.
3. There is no member fee or enrollment charge required.
4. i Ticket can be registered at every Orient Thai Airlines ticket counter.
5. i Ticket members are always the first to be updated with Orient Thai Airlines

Terms and Conditions i Ticket

1. Point, which each member will be received, is in accordant with the ticket fare purchased. The point scheme and value are indicated in following table.

Fare per ticket                        Point
0 – 1,749 THB                            0.5 point (Value 50 THB)
1,750 – 2,149 THB                     1 point (Value 100 THB)
2,150 Up                                     1.5 point (Value 150 THB)

2. The above mentioned scheme is effective for the ticket purchasing from 1st November 2553 onwards.
3. The point accumulation in the i Ticket is not retroactive for any ticket purchased or traveled before the above effective date.
4. i Ticket is valid for 3 years from the date of registration.
5. i Ticket member can accumulate the point when traveling on any Orient Thai Airlines? domestic destinations.
6. i Ticket membership can be enrolled through the call center 1126, company website www.flyorientthai.com or Orient Thai Airline’s ticket counters.
7. The ticket can be redeemed and allowed for the person with the same registered name and family name appeared on the i Ticket only.
8. i Ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable, and cannot be exchanged for cash, cheque or credit.
9. The point accumulation and benefits received from this i Ticket is followed Orient Thai Airline’s terms and conditions only.
10. In case the card is lost, stolen or destroyed, the card holder must present necessary documents to prove his/her ownership to re-issue the new card.
11. i Ticket and its membership will immediately be terminated in case it has been found being fraudulently altered or obtained.
12. i Ticket is the property of Orient Thai Airlines? and reserves the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice.

Redeemed ticket conditions

1. The ticket is non transferable and valid for i Ticket member only.
2. The redemption ticket is subject to 500 THB for each flight or date change required together with any fare difference if there is any.
3. The redemption ticket has 30 days validity from the first booking date.