“It is very important for the corporate world to be aware of their responsibility in our society. They should have a mindset that a business has to be managed and operated in harmony with economy, society and the environment – in order to bring about sustainable development, as well as a peaceful and caring society.”



Mr. Udom Tantiprasongchai

Chairman of the Advisory Board


Mr. Udom Tantiprasongchai is the Chairman of the Advisory Board and is responsible for strategically advising and guiding our organization on behalf of the Advisory Board. He graduated from the Senior Distinguished Executive Program from Harvard University in 1990 and received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Ramkamhaeng University in 2002.

Orient Thai, Fly Cards: Fly with Passion, Fly with Heart

In accordance with our mission to support youth and social contribution activities, ‘Orient Thai’ has launched the ‘ Orient Thai, Fly Cards ‘ project under the ‘ Fly with Passion, Fly with Heart ‘ theme. The project aims to promote social values and concepts among youngsters in terms of physical practice, innovative thinking, and long-term goals.

Under the project, 15 badminton athletes aged between 11-15 years, were selected from various clubs based on their written essays about practicing and being determined as athletes to the best of their abilities. These young athletes together with their personal coaches, were presented with free ‘Orient Thai’ airline tickets to participate in the ‘Poom Pui Championship’ tournament to be held in Trang province from 4-10 October 2010, and the ‘Singha H.H.’ tournament to be held in Chiang Rai province in January 2011.

“Fly with Passion, Fly with Heart”

- Orient Thai Airlines

Orient Thai, We Share

‘Orient Thai, We Share’ is a campaign aimed to create a knowledge- and experience-sharing society where mutual happiness is based on giving and love. Under the campaign,12 representatives of underprivileged orphans aged 9 to 13 years old, from the ‘Women and Peace Group’ (We Peace) Foundation, run by the Thai-Muslim Women’s Volunteer Group in Yala Province, were taken on a trip to Chiang Mai Zoo.

At the Zoo, apart from learning about nature and animals – including panda bears and different species of aquatic life at the ‘Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium’, the campaign participants also had the chance to witness Guido Hillebrand Goedheer, a famous Dutch artist, demonstrating acrylic painting techniques – before creating their own acrylic paintings inspired by this trip for auction to benefit fellow orphans under the We Peace Foundation’s supervision.

Continuous Improvement :
Being the market leader in terms of the highest number of Domestic passengers transported, ‘Orient Thai’ endeavors not only to maintain our high service standards and quality, but also to continuously add value to our existing services.

Orient Thai, Journey of Passion

As part of our youth and social contribution efforts, ‘Orient Thai’ has kicked off the ‘Orient Thai, Journey of Passion’ campaign – whereby the stories of athletes with true grit and determination are used to convey the notion of “Do it by heart” that reflects social value of thinking and doing the very best with real zest, thus setting positive examples for youth.
Serving as the first to be appointed as the campaign’s ambassador is Mr. Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk, a promising Thai national badminton player.

Other Activities

     ‘Orient Thai’ has donated 50 Baht for every ticket on the Krabi route sold, to the Wishing Well Foundation for making the wishes of children with last-stage cancer come true.
     ‘Orient Thai’ has published for charitable sale a special postcard set, which contains 12 cards with 12 different designs. Priced at THB 99 per set, this postcard set – all winners of the ‘Heart of Gold’ Project – depicts drawings from children’s imaginations on how to help contribute to Thai society. Net proceeds were given to the Orient Thai Airlines Foundation for educational causes.